Choosing the VW Transporter Kombi Is a Smart Choice

Trying to decide on the perfect van isn’t as difficult as you might think, especially if you research the VW Transporter Kombi van. This is a great van for people who want something bigger than usual, especially people who have a small business that involves making deliveries. While it’s a bit large for some people, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you get used to its size. Like other vehicles, it has gone through several transformations, but it gets better with every one of them!

The Kombi Has It All

The Transporter Kombi by Volkswagen is an exceptional vehicle that offers a generous load compartment, rubber flooring in the passenger compartment, and a 938-1206kg payload. You can choose between two different wheelbases, three van heights, and two roof heights, as well as trim versions and transmission/drivetrain options that include both diesel and electric. You can even add optional equipment if you decide to go with something a little fancier and high-tech.

In 2020, the Volkswagen Transporter turned 70, and more than 13 million of the vehicles had already been produced by that point. The Kombi has a huge range of options you can choose, including ICE stereo, spoilers, lowering springs, and engine remap features. The VW Kombi WASP (wheel and styling package) offers 18” alloy wheels, rear spoiler, sidebars, and a front splitter that increases the attractiveness of the van. The WASP kit is less expensive than you think and even includes roof bars if you like.

In addition, the Transporter Kombi can be upgraded to include items such as a leather interior, bigger alloys, and carpet lining. You get to choose both the engine size and the body style, so in reality, this is a van that you can personalise to get the look you want. With two fixed front seats and three rear removable seats, it is easy to transport both cargo and people in complete comfort. It also comes in a variety of colours that allow you to select something you’ll be proud to show off to others.

When You Want Something Attractive and Functional

The Transporter Kombi van offers a lot of perks for the money you’ll spend on it. This includes electric windows, rubber load floor cover, single side load door, and a 110 PS 2-litre engine, to name a few. Whether you use it for personal use or for your business, this is one van that won’t let you down because it has features that nearly everyone considers important.

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