Signs of A Bad Transfer Case

The transfer case is tasked with transferring the power received from the engine to the four wheels of a vehicle. The transfer case can last very long. But this isn’t always the case. Since the case is a mechanical component, it is bound to experience some problems.

In this article, we give you some of the telltale signs that your transfer case is having issues. If you notice any of these signs, you should get the transfer case repaired immediately. And if it is damaged beyond repair, you can get a remanufactured transfer case from a reputable dealer.

Let’s delve into these signs.

  • Difficulty changing gears

One of the most notable signs of a bad transfer case is that you will find it difficult to change the gears. Fluids within the transfer case make it easy to change the gears. Due to this, problems can arise if the seal that keeps the fluid container is broken. Therefore, it will be pretty hard for the system to shift gears.

However, before you assume that something is wrong, you need to ensure that you follow directions [in your owner’s manual] regarding operating the transfer case. In most cases, before shifting into four-low, you must stop the vehicle and place the transmission into neutral. Otherwise, you will hear a grinding noise when trying to change gears.

  • Difficulty staying in 4WD

Another sign that our vehicle’s transfer case is not in good shape is that you will notice that the car keeps bulging out of the 4 wheel-drive system. While the problem might be an issue with the driveshaft, it may also be related to the vehicle’s transfer case. So, before you make your conclusion, you need to have a professional mechanic inspect the vehicle and pinpoint what could be making the transfer case hard to stay in 4WD.

  • Problems with engaging and disengaging the 4WD

Just like the issue where your vehicle keeps bulging out of the 4WD, you might also find it difficult to engage and disengage this component. Again, the problem could be related to other issues related to the axles or the electrical system, and it might be arising from a bad transfer case.

  • Unusual grinding sounds

An automotive specialist will tell you that any unusual noises coming from your vehicle could be indicating that bigger problems are getting close. While grinding and whining noises might be a result of many problems, a bad transfer case could be the cause.

Damaged transfer cases could be making these noises. For you to fix this droning noise, you need to let a professional mechanic inspect the chain. The chain might cause a hole in the upper part of your transfer case, causing weird noises.

  • 4WD Warning lights illuminate

Your vehicle generally uses warning lights to communicate with you and inform you of an internal problem. So you should never ignore any warning light, even those coming from a 4WD issue. You will notice that on your vehicle’s dashboard, it is saying “service 4WD.” While the problem could be related to any faulty component within your 4WD system, a bad transfer case may also be the culprit. So you need to replace the transfer case with a remanufactured transfer case.

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