What is Different in a Kinetic Recovery Rope – Are These Ropes Worth the Hype?

Kinetic recovery ropes have the edge of being the most technically viable among the towing and recovery family. The towing jobs are made much easier with kinetic recovery ropes. They transfer the kinetic energy from the pulling vehicle to the stranded vehicle. They also elongate at least 30% more than their actual length. This makes it easier to tow a vehicle in distress out of danger.

Kinetic ropes are used for multiple purposes depending on the maximum breaking strength (MBS). Apart from being used to tow and recover stranded vehicles, they are also used in the construction industry for lifting heavy loads. American made kinetic recovery ropes have a smartly built geometry which makes them suitable for almost any heavy-duty job.

The most widely used kinetic recovery ropes by domestic consumers are as follows:

  1. ½ inch Kinetic Recovery Rope: This rope is best suited for adventure junkies out there. Whenever the off-roads ditch you, this 1/2″ Kinetic Recovery Rope, is the best buddy you can turn up to. With an MBS of 7000lbs, this is a rope that can pull your ATVs in distress out of danger. The compact size can be deceiving considering its huge capacity.
  2. ¾ inch Kinetic Recovery Rope: Why think about summoning a tow truck when you have the 3/4″ Kinetic Recovery Rope? An MBS of 19,000 lbs can leave you surprised when the mini/mid-size SUV you ride is stuck in the mud, pit, or even the marshlands. This rope will be the last thing you want to miss when you are on the perfect off-road adventure.
  3. ⅞ inch Kinetic Recovery Rope: This rope is for bigger rigs. Once gripped, there is no letting go. Put your total trust in this 28,600lbs beast and worry no more while taking your SUVs or even ½ Ton trucks off-road.
  4. 1 Inch Kinetic Recovery Rope: This Kinetic Recovery Rope is the one you always wanted as a child but never had. The massive 33,500 MBS is not a child’s play though. This size is your best choice if you own a big SUV or 3/4 ton trucks

The American made kinetic recovery ropes are double-braided, polymer-coated, waterproof, UV-resistant and what not! Now, don’t be left behind on your dream drives due to the unexpected whacks on the road. Get a kinetic recovery rope and tread on.

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