Car troubles; What to do?


Automobiles are used for transportation. They are run primarily on roads and can convey at least 1 to 20 passengers and goods as well. Most automobiles are four wheels or more. There are so many components of an automobile such are brake, clutch, radiator, piston, steering, and others.

Automobiles are machines that are not expected to work for eternity due to wear and tear. They are bound to experience breakdowns. Various factors make automobiles break down and some of these will be highlighted in this article.

Common problems and quick fixes for your automobile

Like human gets sick, automobile develops faults too, and there are things to consider when this happens. These are of course quick fixes before you take them to any competent automobile shop management software for a more complete check. Below are some of the most notable automobile problems and how best to fix them;

Uneven tire wears: after driving all around for a while, and you discover one of the tires is not moving in the right direction, all you need to do is wheel balancing. The front tires are prone to this because that’s where theweight and pressurerests.

Low engine oil: it is very bad to wait to have your car engine oil exhausted before replacing it with a new one. This can cause your car engine to malfunction. On a regular interval, the oil needs to be checked.

Faulty brakes: it is unsafe to have a bad brake for a car. This is caused by a worn-out brake pad, and this could be avoided by the reduction of excessive speeding.

Overheating: This is caused when there is not enough water in the radiator. The mostrampant issues for overheating engines might be lack or low coolant level. All you need to do is get a coolant level.

Fuel mileage: the major cause of your car’s low fuel efficiency is driving aggressively,however if you are a responsible driver and yet your car fuel is taking a hit, all you need to do is service the car. Occasionally delayingyour car’s service can cause parts like fuel injectors,spark plugs, and air filters to get quite dirty, hence they would barelybe able to perform their function of optimum combustion of fuel efficiently.

Exhaust smoke: There are different colorsof smoke that comes out from the tailpipe, all these colors could mean different things. There are black types ofsmoke; this depicts aleakage in the fuel injector and this is common with older cars. It is important to get it fixed.

Another notable one is the blue smoke: this often means leakage in the valve and/or the piston ring is bad. Then finally the grey smoke;depicts that there is leakage in the engine block or gasket.

Bad battery: This is a very common problem for cars. There are reasons why a car battery could be bad and they range from, a faulty alternator to faulty charging, amongst others. So, if any of these happens there are options on what to do and they are:

  • Charging the battery; if one has access to a mechanic in a situation of a bad battery, then the next thing to do is to remove the battery and the mechanic will charge it to attain the strength back.
  • Jump starting the car; For this to happen you need a donor and a jumper to charge your battery. The jumper consists of positive and negative terminals, these terminals are to be placed on the donor’s battery and on yours too, note that the positive and negative parts are to be connected on each end. After having done this, you can jumpstart your vehicle.

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