What is the Ideal Motorcycle for the Australian Farmer?

While you might be thinking that the Australian farmer would be driving a 4WD truck around his spread, many also ride an off-road motorcycle to carry out many tasks around the farm. The key term here is ‘off-road’, as this type of bike allows the farmer to visit any part of his land, whatever the weather. While there are off-road bikes designed for adventure, there is one model that was created with the Australian farmer in mind.

Yamaha AG125

A small but very rugged off-road bike, the Yamaha AG125 has a single-cylinder four-stroke engine with more than enough power for any situation. Of course, fuel economy is important and with this machine, you get an 11-litre steel tank with an on-off and reserve switch, so you’ll never run out of fuel. Of course, you will require Yamaha motor insurance, which is something the dealer can arrange, as well as competitive finance to spread the payment over a few years.

Yamaha AG200

Slightly more powerful than the 125cc version, the AG200 was built with farming in mind and has all the features of the smaller version and would suit a larger rider, due to a sturdier frame. This version has a 6-speed gearbox, while the AG125 has 5 gears, which is better for longer journeys.

Special Features

There is a whole host of special features on this bike, including sealed drum brakes, as muddy conditions can affect disc brakes and a totally enclosed chain protection, to keep the mud away from the moving parts. The bike also has an electric start, which saves you wasting all your energy kick-starting the bike when you want to use it, although it does have a kickstart, should you ever need it.

Front & Rear Racks

Of course, as a farmer, you will need to carry a few tools and with front and rear racks, you can bring what you need when you are off to carry out fencing repairs and other small jobs the farmer has to do. There is also a running side-stand on each side of the bike for ease of parking, on the left or right, whichever you prefer.

This bike was designed a few years ago, with the AG100 being the very first agriculture bike and it was so successful, Yamaha decided to create the AG125 and the AG200, both of which are ideal for Australian and New Zealand farmers.

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