How To Keep Items Safe While Packing A Rental Truck

Something that nobody wants to happen while moving from one place to another, is to end up with some broken items during the transport. That is why it is very important to rent a vehicle that is well equipped and designed for moving purposes, as well as to protect your items correctly while packing and loading them.

Renting a good vehicle is a good start

One thing that you have to keep in mind while renting a vehicle for your moving process is to rent one that happens to have a loading ramp, which is most common for a truck. You can check out expert truck rental Melbourne from Go With The Gecko in case you are not sure where to rent from, and if they are not in your area, finding someone with similar standards is a pretty good idea.


Something that is essential for every moving process is to have some boxes prepared for all the items that you are going to load into your truck, van, ute, or whatever vehicle you are using to move. While you can buy boxes in hardware stores, the easiest way to get boxes for moving, especially some bigger ones, is to simply ask around local stores.

Electronic stores often have big boxes that they are planning to throw away, and asking them to save you some the week you are planning to move will definitely save you some money, as well as time that you would spend buying them.


Boxes are your best friend during moving

Bubble wrap or clothing

While bubble wrap is definitely a better option when it comes to keeping fragile items safe, such as glasses, you can always pack them between layers of clothing. With glasses in particular, you can simply put them into the socks if your glasses are small enough, or if your socks are big enough.

Big items first

A lot of people say that you should pack your essentials first, however experts that do professional van hire Sydney from Go With The Gecko suggest that you should always start with bigger items first. While certain big items might be able to stand on top of many smaller boxes, it is just much safer to put a bigger item first, and then stack the rest on top of it, especially in a van.

Not only that this will prevent bigger items crushing your smaller items, but it will also make loading the items into the vehicle much easier, as you will simply have to fit smaller items from bottom to top, until you reach the roof.

Renting a van is also a viable option for moving

Final Word

Even if keeping items safe is definitely important while moving, what is more important is to keep yourself safe as well. Make sure to call some friends to help you with packing and loading the items, as handling bigger items by yourself always involves some risk, even if you use a loading ramp.

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