Competitive pressures have forced most automotive companies to increase their focus on innovation in order to keep their track in the market. Companies like KIA has even launched their latest model the 2021 kia k5 Orlando in order to fill this pressure. The automobile industry has also expanded the electronics and computer content on their vehicles especially with applications today that ranges from powertrain controls for improved fuel economy and reduced emmissions.

As a result to the increasing growth in automobile industry, the competition has also been set to a high level. There is even a worldwide overcapacity in the industry which has forced manufacturers to reduce their costs such as structural costs, reduce cycle time for new product development, form business alliance with other automotive companies, and develop products with more innovative content. Hence, the industry is giving more to its customers with increased value combined with a healthy economy. Moreover, despite automobiles being beneficial, there are still dimerits these vehicles provide to its users and to our environment as well.

Advantages of Having a Private Car


Cars are undeniably very helpful to people’s daily living. They can easily transport people as well as cargos to important different places with comfort and safety. Thus, the main advantage of owning a car is it offers its owner the freedom to travel. Owning a car means you can take your family members and other necessary goods or supplies whenever and wherever you want to go. Also, personal cars give more comfort and safety while travelling compared to public vehicles which can be crowded and risky. There is also no need to wait for the schedule of any public vehicle and stand in a long queue just to have a ride home especially when you’re exhausted. Cars are also very helpful in case of emergency like when a family member is sick and needs to be hospitalized immediately.

Negative effects of cars

The increase of using cars has also increased the risk of traffic accidentswhich can be dangerous to the driver, passengers, and as well aspedestrians.These cars also emit greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide which contributes a huge percentage in air pollution that causes climate change and global warming. Burning of fuels to run a car has also a negative effect to human being’s health particularly causing respiratory diseases especially in children, elderly, and those who already have chronic diseases. Cars are also far more expensive than that of public transportation because you are required to pay thousands or millions of dollars just to own a single car. The cost of fuel, driver, license, insurance, repairs and maintenance will oftenly increase your monthly expenses as well. Having a car would also require a huge space in your home for a garage or a parking area. These cars are also the main reason why we suffer congestion on roads which is one of the biggest problems almost all countries worldwide are facing.

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