What Are the Various Types of RVs to Consider?

A recreational vehicle (RV) is a type of trailer designed to accommodate an individual or more in a living capacity for the desired period. RVs are used to house people who want to live or camp in motor homes either permanently or temporarily while being able to travel long distances.

Recreational Vehicles Categories

There are two major categories of RVs:

  • Motorized RV: a driveable trailer with no attachments
  • Towable RV: you need a separate vehicle to tow your RV

Once you decide which of the categories best suit you, you can consider the types of RV. According to research, the types of RVs are dependent on size. Class A is the largest in size, Class B is the smallest, and Class C is middle-sized. If you need to acquire or get more information on the various RVs available, you could check out Leisureland RV, a trusted RV dealer in Boise, ID.

Class A RV: Class A is the biggest and is usually built on commercial vehicle chassis like 18-wheeler trucks. This type of RV can have sleeping space, including foldable couches for 4-8 people, and has enough space to move around and load supplies. This class of RV is usually the most expensive as it gives a home-like interior and style. This type of RV is advisable if you have enough money to spend and plan to use RV full-time.

Class B RV: This class is quite the opposite of the one above in size and is built on smaller vehicle chassis, unlike Class A. They are commonly known as camper vans, and they only have enough space for 1-4 people, manageable space for kitchen appliances, and movement. They are the easiest to drive and park and have the best fuel economy. This is best for quick weekend breaks and is most affordable compared to others.

Class C RV: The class C RV operates on a gas-powered engine and, although smaller than class A RV,  can house 1-8 people and can also be attached to a standard vehicle meaning it can be parked in a spot while you move around with your car. This class of RV doesn’t require a special license and has enough space for kitchen equipment. This can be seen as a compromise between Class A RV and Class B RV as it might not be as expensive as class A, but it is also considered stylish and can be used for permanent living and a quick getaway.


With the above specifications and differences, choosing the best type of RV that best suits you depending on the time frame, space, price, location, and purpose, should be easier. It is also advisable to carry out further research on safety precautions and campers’ support groups as one might get valuable and helpful tips on maintaining an RV, the best spots to park for a quick getaway, and so on.

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