Remarkable Used Volkswagen Cars for Sale

Are you looking for a Volkswagen car that you can buy at a very cheap price? Then consider used car lots. Volkswagens are available in SUVs and cars, although the latter tends to be the cheaper of the two. Volkswagen also allows you to purchase the kind of model your heart desires in a TDI.

This article is centered on the best used Volkswagen models to enable you in your search for the cheapest Volkswagen vehicle. As mentioned above, you ought to consider used car lots whenever checking out these types of cars. Besides, you ensure that you take safety measures to guard yourself if purchasing from a private seller.

The following are three best used Volkswagen for sale that you can buy for cheap!


Having been in production for over 47 years now, Passat is still one of the most popular sedans on the road today. Passat is also the biggest sedan that Volkswagen has ever offered and suits those in need of a lot of cargo space. This model is also ideal for those who love traveling in groups and cherish the look, feeling, and atmosphere of a sedan.

The common features of Passat include;

  • A large four-door sedan with sufficient trunk space that gets up to 32 MPG on regular basis.
  • The Passat TDI gets up to 45 MPG.

The Passat is a popular full-size sedan that is comparable to the Jetta and the Golf which are more compact models. The Passat is available for sale at fair prices in the market today.


This is another used Volkswagen model that you can purchase at a relatively lower price. The Jetta is smaller than the Passat and has been in use since 1979. It offers some ample interior space though it is usually more compact than the Passat. Its seats fold to provide an even larger space that can be used to keep some hard to fit things.

This Volkswagen model was redesigned in 2011 to make it look closer to Passat. It, therefore, requires a keen look when distinguishing the two models in case you will be looking for a new model. When it comes to diesel, the Jetta has somehow a better fuel mileage than the Passat.

Its other features include;

  • Well broken in and maintained.
  • The Jetta can get up to 50 MPG or more.

Used Jettas are known to sell at fairly lower prices while the brand new Jettas may also bear enticing price tags too.


If you are a Volkswagen fan, then you must have heard of this popular Volkswagen. This model is offered in gas or diesel option and was traditionally considered as a hatchback. It has already been featured in two-door and four-door. Of the three Volkswagens in this article, the Golf gets even better mileage as it is smaller.

Manufactured to replace the Volkswagen Rabbit, the Golf is ideal for a sporty driver or any other single driver that doesn’t require much space.


If you need to join the Volkswagen family via a used vehicle, consider the above three Volkswagens.

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